"To be the most valuable partner to mine owners by maximizing their mines' productivity and profitability."


"To transform mining resources into a better life for all."

Sino-Excel Energy Limited was listed on the Australia Stock Exchange in July 2011 (ASX code: "SLE") with operations in PRC.


Sonox Organisation Chart

The main activities of Sinox Group includes providing advisory and management services to the resource industry especially in coal, iron, ilmenite, pyrite, copper and gold mining. The Group also engages in coal trading in PRC and Asia Region.

Sino-Excel Energy Limited is an Investment Holding Company, listed in Australia Stock Exchange (ASX).

Sino-Excel Energy Pte. Ltd., a Company incorporated in Singapore is the group headquarter and carries out treasury functions to support the group operations. It also carries the group investment and coal trading businesses.

SINOX Energy Limited, incorporated in Hong Kong carries the group services businesses.

Guizhou Sino-Excel Management Ltd, based in Guiyang, Guizhou, PRC operates as a service centre providing all the expertise required in trading and various services to the coal mine owners. The Sinox team in PRC have years of mining and trading business experiences. We also work closely with partners which are experienced state-owned enterprises, having strong expertise, capital and certifications in mining.